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“…Now that makes me sound brilliant, but if you really want to know more about bit depth, look up the master of making the complex simple, Rick Burress.”
Joel Grimes,
—World Class Photographer, http://www.joelgrimesworkshops.com/Joel_Grimes_Photography/Blog/Entries/2014/5/13_Strobing_In_HDR.html

Joel Grimes credits Rick Burress during a Creative Live presentation

"Rick Burress is simply the most knowledgeable creative professional I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
His knowledge is complimented by his ability to mentor and gain trust from those around him. He came came to help me institute best practices when I was VP, Executive Creative Director at Origami Owl. The results were almost immediate as he got the team, as well as our internal clients, to understand the importance of timelines, process, structure, and adhering to proven methods to achieve deadlines while improving quality.
Rick is the consumate professional who knows that it's not just what you know, but how to inspire others to know and be their very best selves and ultimately part of a better team. I highly recommend Rick."

Thomas Rascati
—Executive Creative Director at Beauty Brands

"If you want to know ANYTHING about InDesign, Photography, or Photoshop, take [his] course.
We've worked w/Rick regularly for 30 years, and he's a genius. Great teacher, too."
Robert Stieve
—Editor, Arizona Highways Magazine

"Rick is such an inspiration and so fun to work with. He's such a wealth of knowledge and such a patient teacher. He makes you feel like he's there to serve and help all of us all of the time.
On top of being so smart and kind—he’s a NUT and we love him!!”

“Rick brings more than technical expertise and an exceptional ability to teach and train, he also brings intangibles that are hard to quantify. He is patient, insightful, funny, positive, and supportive.
Rick is such an asset!”

“Rick Burress's work with our creative team has impressed me on multiple levels. He has the uncanny sense for predicting the type and level of training each of our team members need. He listens effectively to what they are saying and understands their desire to bring forth beautiful designs. He does this all in a timely manner and with excellent communication skills. I recommend Rick unequivocally and look forward to bringing him in again.”,

"Rick has been great at mitigating risk with some of the creative routes that we have taken. Some of these routes require an ability to anticipate as many scenarios as possible in order to always have a plan ready to go with the least risky choice available but always obtaining the desired result. Rick has a special ability gained through experience to “see the forest through the trees” and save creative teams hours of pain."

"Personally I’m glad that we have been lucky enough to have him as a constant member of our lineup, because his knowledge and ease of instruction are of immeasurable worth for any creative team.”

Testimonials Compliments of the Origami Owl Custom Jewelry Marketing and the Creative Team
—Thanks to Sarah Superfon, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Origami Owl

“Every time Rick is in the office—when he sees something that I’m doing—he ALWAYS shows me some better way that saves me time and simplifies—he can walk into the room and seconds later I’m screaming (with delight) over another trick he knows that saves me time. And I do this everyday! I can’t over emphasize how valuable he has been to the magazine and to my career-knowledge. People can’t know how valuable he is who don’t use him! 'You just don’t know what you don’t know.' I think I’m doing just fine, but [I] take that 2-hour training or that 4-hour training and I can’t believe how much time he has saved me.
For roughly 25 years, Rick Burress has been on contract at Arizona Highways magazine, providing training for all employees using Mac devices and publishing related software at Arizona Highways. In addition, he is contracted to provide IT for all Mac devices. Rick provides extensive knowledge, problem-solving and efficiencies for people of all levels. Even the most high level designers elevate their knowledge base. Everyone who works with him has nothing but praise for him. He's an excellent addition to any business."

Barb Denny
—Creative Director, Arizona Highways Magazine

"It was the best 2 hours I've spent in education."

“Hi Rick,
Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar last night--Very informative as well as entertaining.
Peggy Deal had recommended that I attend ... glad I did. It was the best 2 hours I've spent in education.
I learned more from your class than in 14 weeks at University.

Thanks again for all the great info last night. I look forward to attending more of your seminars in the future.
Take care.”

Jack Hunter 
—Cover Illustrator for The New Yorker Magazine

“Rick. Is. AMAZING! Should you ever have the opportunity to work with him, hang on to him as long as you can! He’s been consulting for our creative team at Grand Canyon University for two years now. Rick has helped us streamline our efficiency, continues to teach us phenomenal best practices within the Adobe Creative Cloud programs, is always blowing our minds with his technical prowess and does it all with a powerful force of positivity and a smile!”

Jessica Foncannon
— MSL Senior Graphic Designer Grand Canyon University

“I've known and worked with Rick for more than 20 years.
He is the most personable and knowledgeable creative consultant I know. His amazing ability to provide understandable, correct and efficient solutions to any problem is legendary. Rick is a master of all things technical and visual in the industry.”

Peggy Deal 
—Program Director Graphic Design at Scottsdale Community College

“It took TWO of us over a three-month period to format the catalog. Rick taught us how to do it in 11 minutes.”
—(Anonymous Agency team working on large College catalog)

“Our Color house couldn't get the color right, 3 days and 9 matchprints later. Rick showed us why. We were satisfied with his results in less than 5 minutes.”
— Production Department, Arizona Highways Magazine

“My Creative and Studio group loved Rick.”
“The thing that bugged us was there was just not enough time spent with Rick. We'd have taken more and more...which is a good thing! I hope to be able to set up an ongoing training schedule...Cross your fingers!”

Marolyn Locke
—Rapp Collins Worldwide, Dallas office, Rated Advertising Age #1 Agency in the world

“We're still charging market value for our design. Over the last year we're making 2400% more profit on our design and production fees.”
—Anonymous Agency in Seattle, WA

“Rick Burress taught me the base applications I have used every day in my career (20 years and counting). I cannot say enough positive things about him, both as an individual and as a professional. He's extremely talented, a brilliant communicator and possesses great integrity.
Hire this man, you'll never regret it.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable , High Integrity."

Bob Case
— CCO Lavidge Design

“I could check every box on the list for Rick. He's an amazing person, friend and businessman. There are very few people out there you can truly trust in business. Rick is one of them.”

Matthew Wilson
— Knoodle Creative

“Rick has provided training for us at a few conferences and is always a FAVORITE of our attendees.”

Jeanette Stephens
— Maricopa Community Colleges

“Rick Burress is by far one of the most gifted communicators and trainers I have ever met. If you have a need for anything Apple or computer graphics related Rick will, with out a doubt, exceed your expectations. Rick delivers big on anything he says he can do.”

Hugh Allen
— Director of Sales Operations , UPS

“Of all of the people I have worked with over my 30 year span in the advertising and graphics industry, Rick Burress is absolutely my most valuable source for anything to do with the Mac. He is THE guru, and quite possibly one of the best people I have ever known.”

Lois Rainwater, Designer
Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

“Dear Ron Clark,
Thank you for sending over Rick Burress for some hands-on InDesign Instruction.
He reviewed everything (we thought we knew!) and learned proper ways to conquer style sheets, nested style sheets, quick key commands, kerning options, and working with our copywriters’ unforgiving copy.
We will use these tips and tricks in everything we create.
It was great to have Rick at our office. We look forward to more instruction on Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop!

Thanks to Rick...we'll spend less time doing the grunt work and more time designing solutions.”

Lonnie Emmanuel Tapia
— Arizona State University of The Katherine K. Herberger College of Fine Arts Communications Group

“Rick, thank you for doing such a spectacular job with our customers and staff.”

“Hi Rick,
You are obviously passionate about what you do, what drives you?
It takes a great deal of energy and commitment to stay up with that software and
do such a good job presenting it all. What keeps your head in the game?
Where did YOU get the training, it couldn't have ALL been from the manuals!

It was great to get to know you, Rick. Thanks for doing such a spectacular
job with our customers and staff. I hope to see you up our way again. Safe travels.”

Lafe Bissell
— ColorPress, Walla Walla WA

“What an outstanding learning opportunity! I have never attended a seminar so full of usable information. Rick brought all that information to life for us, untiringly. Does the man rest? How one person can hold so much knowledge is a wonder. Our second day with him was just as inspiring and insightful [as the first].”

Donna Walker
— Good Fruit, Yakima WA
“HEY! I have to tell you also, the humility and servanthood you demonstrated by serving us that day ... it warmed my heart.
Thanks again, and blessings to ya!”
— Good Fruit, Yakima WA

I want thank you for spending last week with us. I have had emails and even thank you letters on
what you were able to "give" to the people in the Thursday seminar. We will be wanting to look at
doing this again before the end of the year. I would say a 2-3 day with a one-day seminar.
I want to make sure that we as a company stay heading the right direction. Thanks again.
It was fantastic.”

Larry Johnson
— ColorPress, Walla Walla WA

“Just wanted to thank you for sharing your Week of Burress with GFG.
I've been to hours and hours of training of all kinds, and I can honestly say that this was the most valuable day of eye-popping education I've
experienced. Our goal at GFG is quality, and if even a smattering of "pearls" are implemented in our production flow, we'll be that much closer to ‘Utopia.’”

“...our class with Rick Burress was absolutely fantastic....”

“This was a part of the weekly departmental reports that are sent to the Editor in Chief/ Chief Operations Officer. Just thought you should see what is said about you behind your back in our office. Plus, complements are always best served to those who deserve to hear them...

Robert Walden
— Casino Center, LasVegas NV
From: Adam Fine, Casino Center
    To: Robert Walden
One more thing...our class with Rick Burress was absolutely fantastic....I felt that this particular class was exceptional and quite helpful in our everyday magazine work especially to SAVE TIME....(who has any spare???) the shortcuts he was able to share with us alone will help drastically.. He has a way of presenting photoshop (great design techniques to further our minds) like no other class I've attended and I am looking forward to his next class...”

“LOL! ‘Lights on—lights off’...

Hi Rick

Thanks for the informative seminar yesterday at ASU.
It was great fun. Especially "lights on - lights off"; I dont think I will be forgetting that ever.
The "shake and blow" = hillarious.

I look forward to see you in the next seminar.”

Rahul Maheshwari

“It's almost hard for me to believe I could learn so much new information in one day!”

“Hi Rick,

I wanted to thank you again for sharing your incredible Mac knowledge with me and
Jim's group! I'm so grateful that I could be apart on that Saturday session. It's almost
hard for me to believe I could learn so much new information in one day! I owe that
to the really great teacher who understands the designers mind, being the very complicated
and sometimes strange people that we are.

Give us a ring the next time your in good old Wisconsin.
Take Care!”
—Carol Daly Design, Milwaukee WI

“I am just estatic that I know about color profiles now—that's what was giving me troubles that one instance at work.”

“Hi Rick!

I attended your Indesign seminar for AIGA on Thursday night.
I wanted to thank you for answering the questions I had for you; you really did a great job;
I really learned a lot. I am just estatic that I know about color profiles now, and that that's what was giving me troubles that one instance at work.
Being that I have Cerebral Palsey my design speed is somewhat limited, but this doesn't mean I give up.
Instead I try to soak in as much as I can and focus on quality.

What struck me right away about you is the way you carry yourself. You have a lot of charisma.
That is very important Rick and I admire that about you. You are very gifted in so many ways.
Thank you very much for taking the time to get through this email I really appreciate it.
Now I know of a person I can refer people to for professional design help.

Smile Always. Frown Never.”
—Tim Gerdes

“There should be a calculator we can put on your site that calculates the amount of money saved...”


There should be a calculator we can put on your site that calculates the amount of money saved by an agency or publisher. Take the agency's billable rate, add up the hours saved by automation, shortcuts, use of Then add hours saved by proper OS X maintenance and your tips for trouble shooting.

That's a big number.”
Ward Andrews,

“Try rick burress...he's the master...!”
Also, referral, from Ward:
From: ward@
Subject: Re: [azipa] Mac consultant needed

To: gabrielv
“Gabe..what's up!
Try rick burress..he's the master..knows the OS and graphics apps inside and out.”
Ward Andrews,
— drawbackwards.com

“What's great about Rick is he provides us with the tips and tricks to help us to continue to work efficiently and increase our productivity.”
John Kenney
    —Senior Art Director, Applied Creative, Inc

“...nothing but rave reviews from the art directors.”
From: steve.adams, pni.com

“I've been hearing nothing but rave reviews from the art directors.
Nice boot camp for InDesign.
Now, we're raring to go!

Steve Adams
— Sr. Art Directo, Republic Magazines and Custom Products

“Be assured that Rick Burress' professional integrity, and professional ethics are superior.”
“Rick has been involved with us in a number of projects and events, and has been extremely thorough and responsible.
He's a great person and I'm certain you'll enjoy working with Rick as much as we have here in Cincinnati.”

Bob Smaracko “Smack”
—Account Manager, Apple Computer, Inc.

Why aren’t your comments here?
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Call Rick Burress at (602) 332-1300
email: rick@artistec.com

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