Advanced Adobe Bridge and Editing in Camera RAW  5StarRating

Meet the Bride of Photoshop: 2 days, August 2-3, 8:30am–4pm

This is NOT a beginner's course.

You must know what RAW format is, and why we ought to use it.
We pick up where basic camera RAW editing leaves off....
We’ll really focus on organization, Collections, filtering, key-wording, advanced techniques in the RAW editor and Smart Objects in Photoshop. First come, first served. :-) r.

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Adobe Bridge is the most misunderstood, hardest working, most valuable piece of software you own.
You just don't know it yet.

You can't buy it. It comes married to Photoshop—Bridge is Photoshop’s Bride. They’re built and sold to be a team. You've only been seeing half the picture.
All the buzz is about Lightroom—Marketing hype, just to squeeze a few extra bucks from your wallet. No, you have just what you need, and in this course I’ll introduce you to the Bride—Bridge.

She keeps your house in order—have you been whining that your colors don't print like you see on screen? Or that your colors aren't even consistent between Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, etc. Hmmn. Who you gonna call?
Bridge is a super organizer/locater/arranger, even if you drop all your images randomly on your hard disk (the digital equivalent of a shoe box), she's there to save the day. Looking for all the images you shot with that 50mm ƒ1.4 lens? She'll find them.
Need only to peruse vertically oriented images? She's on it.
Need to batch rename 800 images from a wedding sequentially with the bridal party’s name and job number. You can't call on Lightroom for that. Photoshop just points to his Bride, “She’ll handle it.”

And she’s just getting out of bed.

Bridge has the killer-cool Adobe Camera RAW built-in to singly (or batch-edit) your RAW (and tiff and JPEG) images, non-destructively (Photoshop can't do that!)

We’ll work through organization tasks, Keywords, Collections, Presets, automatically built website portfolios (see mine, built automatically in Bridge here: Rick’s Photographic Portfolio)

We'll set proper Preferences and show you HOW to create and save your own Presets, or use ours (included)!

Bridge is the Central Nervous System
of the entire Adobe Creative Suite:

    • Photoshop relies on Bridge to Color Calibrate the System.
    • Adobe InDesign leans on Bridge to activate the incredible “Mini-Bridge”.
    • Creative Suite Apps can be driven from Bridge,
    • ...previewed from Bridge,
    • ...with tasks automated from Bridge.

    Are you starting to wonder about where Bridge has been all your life?
    Wonder no more!

Bridge Magic, continued...

Camera RAW has enough tones to pull the details out of your shadows!

Photoshop alone cannot!
It’s the great nemesis of photographers the world over—getting the correct exposure in one image for both the lights (skies) and the darks at the same time. HDR can get the job done, but NOTHING CAN BE MOVING. You don’t NEED HDR. You'd need 262,144 JPEGS combined as Shoot and edit in RAW.

$249 Register for this Course