InDesign: Styles on Steroids   5starRating

An in-depth delving into the most powerful time-saving features of Adobe Indesign

“It took TWO of us over a three-month period to format the catalog. Rick taught us how to do it in 11 minutes.”
—(Anonymous Agency working on large College catalog)

Nothing does more to improve the efficiency and bottom line ($$) of a Designer than a solid understanding of Styles. They are easy to learn, easy to use—if anyone ever taught them correctly! Learn the four things that “Break” your styles, and master the Killer Paragraph substyles: Next, Nested and GREP. Guaranteed money's worth in here!

When I teach InDesign, the overview I give is
“The Big 5, Plus 5, Plus 3!”
You HAVE to know the “Big 5”: Shortcuts, Master Pages, Templates, Libraries and Styles.
The “Plus 5” are the 5 TYPES of Styles: Table, Cell, Object, Characters and Paragraph.
The “Plus 3” are the killer tools—the substyles WITHIN Paragraph styles:

“Next,” “Nested,” and “GREP” styles.

This course is designed to FOCUS on those magnificent 3 tools. Most InDesign courses skim or skip over these wonderous automatic formatters of type. But you will learn to MASTER them in this course.

  1. Auto-format words or terms you desire, without find/change!
  2. Create repating patterns of styles.
  3. Format full pages of text, with multiple styles, in only 1-click.
  4. Learn to have InDesign automatically remove double-spaces,
  5. …create a Colophon.
  6. …italicise magazine and book names.
  7. …create fractions, including the correct fraction slash!
  8. …format internet URLs to any style you choose.
  9. …format digits in Oldstyle format.
  10. …and MORE!
  11. Learn to format your newsletters in 5 minutes or less!

This is the course that leaves my clients’ jaws dropped on the table.
“I can't believe HOW HARD I've been doing it!”

“Don't tell my BOSS how easy this is!”

“We still charge the market value for our designs. Now, over the last year, we're making 2400% more profit on our design and production fees.”

This course is offered by calling Rick at (602) 332-1300.

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