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Master Strokes: June 27, 9am–4pm

I've been using Adobe Illustrator since 1987.

It represents the single most important foundation of knowledge I’ve needed for success in this industry. Its techniques are the basis of all other applications to the point that there is no greater single source to ramp-up all your design knowledge. More people THINK they know this app than actually do. I constantly meet “Experts” that don't know the first three fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator—without which the app is just a vey expensive pencil. Get the real story.

The application is so different, so specialized, that even the simplest of tasks is made to sound like rocket science—if you try to read the manual. Most online training convolutes simple techniques—it makes the trainer look like a genius. But Adobe Illustrator is not so bad—if you're taught in simple English. It's power is unfathomable. Its scope is vast. Taming the Maverick called Adobe Illustrator will yield an amazing workhorse and will help you understand in greater depth every other Adobe App. Adobe Illustrator is the basis all the others grew from.

In our one-day, all-day workshop, we'll focus on:

  1. Learning the 4 rules for MASTERING the Pen Tool
  2. The two features at the very heart of efficient use of the Program—two features I've NEVER seen any professional use — much to their detriment.
  3. Unlocking the mystery of the amazing 3D modes
  4. Taming the Transformation Tools—you'll think it's a whole new version—though these techniques have been in the app for 14 versions!
  5. Setting Prefs in Illustrator—you need to know a secret.
  6. Charts and Graphs on steroids
  7. The world of custom patterns, brushes, styles—5 minutes or less or you're working too hard!

We'll work it hard from 9am until 4 pm. You go home enthused and powerful!
The best money you can spend for your career in Graphic Design.

$189 Register for this Course

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