Photoshop 5starrating

The 6-week, Wednesday Evening Photoshop Series

Learn Photoshop the RIGHT way.
“If it takes more than 5 minutes,
you’re working too hard!”

“It was the best 2 hours I've spent in education.
I learned more from your class than in 14 weeks at University.”
—Jack Hunter

There is no substitute for saving time while increasing your quality!

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Master the Light  5StarRating

Digital Photography—a Step UP!

We’ll begin with "What's New" in the Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) editor. I'll explain what's important to your photography and why. Next, we'll dive deep into the more powerful but less obvious features in ACR. We'll spend ample time answering YOUR specific questions about technique and troubleshooting. You'll graduate to custom lighting techniques, including best use of portable Speedlights and reflectors, umbrellas, and softboxes. We'll show why big light is soft light, and how to manage your light condition no matter what you're thrown. We will edit our shots in real time, learning from each other's favorite techniques and "how-tos" all while improving our output. We'll illuminate options for output and customer proofing. I'll even show you how to increase your sales if you're a budding professional. We'll shoot various setups including backlit evening shots, black-background portraits, white background portraits, natural backdrops, hyperfocal techniques for landscapes, and everything else you can ask or think up.

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Adobe Bridge and
Editing in Camera RAW  5StarRating

Get organized.

Find stuff.
Edit non-destructively.
Keep 4.3 Trillion tones, colors, and shade for perfect images.

Adobe Bridge is the most misunderstood, hardest working, most valuable piece of software you own. You just don't know it yet. You can't buy it. It comes married to Photoshop—Bridge is Photoshop’s Bride. They’re built and sold to be a team. You've only been seeing half the picture.

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